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One of our new beautiful quote collection candles with red lady bug and flowers embeded on top.  The scent for this design is Cactus Flower & Jade.  A beautiful floral scent.  

Soy wax

Hand made, designed and detailed and poured in small batches made to order and comes with a lid.


Fragrance Notes


Aloe, Agave


Chrysanthemum, Green Floral, Green Leaves




*Phthalate Free

Lucky Ladybug


$20.00 Ea. When you Buy 2 or More!


    • Burn time 50+ hours.
    • Our products are environmentally friendly.
    • We hand pour and design each candle in small batches.
    • Our wax is 100% soy-vegan, which provides a longer cleaner burn time.
    • Our fragrances are phthalate-free and chemical-free.
    • Our candles feature premium organic cotton braided wicks.
    • Each candle may vary by color and is subject to frosting; (a white coating) which is a natural occurrence in 100% soy wax. This will not affect how your candle smells or burns.
    • Color may bleed or lighten due to the frosting.
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