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Box Delivery

Get on our Delivery Route

Own a business or just work at one?  Call in your order and we will deliver it FREE in our local area.


Every day fresh batches of candles are made and sent out with our candle delivery guy or gal on their local delivery route.  Stopping in at area businesses, meeting new people and business owners.  Each box is a new discovery of brand new scents and designs.  From candles, wine glasses to beautiful hand made unique bakery wax melts in realistic shapes;  from apple slices to cute little shells and sand dollars.

Whether you are looking for candles or melts for your business or just for yourself, we got you covered.   Each candle and melt is made here in Fort Myers with detail all the way down to the label designs.  Each one is unique and put in a gift bag ready for gifting.  

We do special orders!!  If you want a particular scent just give us a call!  

We also do office parties!  So much fun!  If you want us to bring a fresh batch to your local business be sure to get on our route list or call us with a date and time.

Let’s Work Together

Send in your order by email or by calling and we will deliver your order free at any local area business. 

Thanks for submitting!
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