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Your sampler collection will come In a cute little pink gift box.  Inside is a set of four 1 ounce mini cupcake melts in Blueberry Cheesecake, Hazelnut Coffee , Strawberries &Cream , and Lemon Poundcake.  Above those is a sparkling flower melt in a floral scent ( Cactus Flower and Jade scent), Cute little strawberry melts in strawberry scent and an adorable bag of chocolate bars in Chocolate Fudge scent. 


Colors may vary on all melts due to small handmade batches.  

Flower melt color may vary.  Most boxes will be going out with a pink or white flower melt.  It will be a surprise!  The flower will be in a floral scent, most will be Cactus Flower & Jade but substitutions can be made if out of stock due to demand. Each flower is hand detailed with a little sparkle.  Each one is unique.  


This is a very limited and very detailed sampler box.  What a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Holidays or any celebration or occassion you can think of.  Each of the melts are in cute little clear gift bags.  

UPDATE: Now out of stock.  Currently in process.  Pre-Orders expected to be shipped out end of July.  This will not effect anyother order you have going out.  

Gift Box Sampler

Expected to ship in end of July
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