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Meet our Lilly Monster

Don‘t let this sweet face fool you! Miss Lilly is 10 years old and a true free spirit. This old gal has brought a lot of joy in our lives. She comes when you call her name.....from ANYWHERE. She loves to go outside and help walk our dog. But look out if you are walking your dog too. She loves to do “fly by’s” just to say ha have to walk on a leash and I don’t. She will follow you wherever you go and if you tell her to go home, she will head to the front door. I swear she listens better than a dog....SOMETIMES! lol. She also has a WILD spirit about her. If she wants something, she will tell you and you better listen or she will get creative on getting your attention. Still, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Bless her heart...she is a sweetie.

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