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Meet my two youngest kiddos! Eve & Jesse

When Covid 19 hit and the world became unknown, it truly makes you sit down and think. Yes, think about everything. I'm sure you all can relate. With my job on hold for months you start to wonder, worry and your brain goes into over drive. A few years ago we were talking about something fun we could add to our gift store, something the whole family would enjoy doing together. So the kids and I have been putting our heads together on a special family business that we are going to be launching. They each have their roles in the business figured out and are so excited to be getting started soon. These kids are so artistically blessed and creative, I cant wait to watch their personalities come out in this project. This project has been in the planning stages for months and we cant wait to share it with you. You will get to watch as the whole process unfolds.

You can also keep checking our gift shop for new updates and product releases.

Our first change in this new adventure was the name. We decided that instead of SWFL Treasures, since we loved the beach we wanted something more fun! We are working on a logo for our gift shop and products and here's a sneak peek at a design in the works.

The kiddos and I have been researching, training, learning and working hard on to put this all together. Eve decided that she would love to help me make specialty candles with some artistic designing as well as aromatherapy candles. She also plans on products such as handmade all natural soaps, whips and more. I will be working on something special I think you will all love, but I'm not telling yet!! Jesse, he is the master of technology. His forte is video and editing. So stand by for that amazingness!!! I have a feeling he will be in the kitchen hand making items as well. He has that love of building, making and drawing so I can't wait to see where that leads him in this journey as well. So stay tuned to our blog and gift shop as we create some amazing new products just for you!

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