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Magical Moments

I took a little trip up north to Ohio, just in time for a big winter storm. I have to say, it was COLD for this Florida girl. Even though I grew up there. But the beauty though! Seeing the snow falling as the plane approached the runway, it was truly magical to see my kiddos eyes just light up. Another magical moment was walking out the airport doors. The blast of arctic air hitting them smack in the face, taking their breath away. It was hard not to chuckle as my two Florida kids gasped and the comments were downright hilarious. Watching them pick up snow for the first time, bombarding each other with snowballs. Yes, these are the moments you don’t forget. Especially when you see the panic in their eyes that their faces are burning from the cold snow. I mean how can you forget that! I truly am sorry that I was so COLD I couldn’t even get my camera out to catch some of those once in a life time moments. I mean, come hands were frozen solid. I did however get some great video, when I de-thawed of course. The best part of this amazing trip was spending time with family, seeing my granddaughter be born and to see the smiles on my children’s faces as they saw snow for the first time ever! Pure magic. 💕

Welcome to this magical world little Maci!!

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