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Launching Our New Collections

We have been testing out our new scent collections and the aroma in the house is amazing!!

We are going to launch out some of these amazing scents and we hope you love them. Every candle and melt is made of Soy. Hand poured with love from the kiddos and I. We wanted to make sure it is safe and healthy from our family to yours. As you know we are brand new, so we want to hear lots of feedback from you on our scents, scent throw, burn times and more. We want you to love them!! Your feedback is so important to us. So let us have it........ the good, bad and the ugly..... we can take it! Those who know us, know our love of candles and we have so many cool things we are working on as we grow our lines.

We have tons of scent choices coming so be patient as we upload our new collections. We will also be putting together a special gift box. So make sure you check back to see when the "BEACH BOX" hits the store! We also have some specialty candles that we will be working on for all you beach lovers out there. If you have some scents you would love to see in our lines, just give us a big shout out, we would love to hear! As you know shipping prices are a little crazy and especially with candles and weight. So hang with us while we work out the best deals. At this time we are putting up a special deal on FREE SHIPPING when you purchase at least $50.00. Oh and did we mention that each order getting shipped out will also have some special little gifts included....oh yes!!! Some of our gift boxes will be going out with some select jewelry surprises or candle samples of some of our other scents. The kids and I wanted to give this business more of a personal touch.

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