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So....this just happened. I called a family meeting to discuss re-branding our business name. Momma has put her foot down! . I said ONE NAME has to reflect our entire business. Our Photography business and our Candle business is all about light, love, family and of course our Swag Crazy businesses are family too.... So put your thinking caps on. What would be a good name that would reflect all of them. We need to simplify our life. (Mainly mine lol) I mean who wants to have Three FB pages/Instagrams/Websites/business cards.......Ect.. is just too much. When it is all just really ONE. Let’s do it people!! Let's think of something together. So after throwing it around, crossing things out and laughing a lot! lol.

We did it! We were finally set on one and then someone had to open their mouth and now we love that one more! I said AWESOME!!!!!! It’s done...that’s the one.... we are NOT changing it again. Family meeting adjourned. You moms do! We will announce it long as it doesnt change again in the next 10 minutes.

YAY!!!!! So excited. Now I will be up all night re-branding.

So stick with us Y'all, while we make some magic happen.

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