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Join our Business Builder Program


Bring more connections, income, and exposure to your business by joining the Distributor Program or just as a Business Member.

The gift of giving and inspiring that your community will love.  


Swag Crazy is not just about the bags. It’s about creating connections, joining together small businesses and reaching out and sharing our passions and talents within our communities. Giving gifts and bringing together people in a more personalized way, at the most affordable cost available anywhere in the world. 

Join as a  Distributor:

  • You can put your business information in all the bags you distribute for FREE

  • You can put your business information in bags in Swag Crazy’s NationwideArea for FREE

  • Through our Sharing Program-  Those locations also include all sister Distributors States for FREE

  • Did I mention the amazing connections you will make all over the United States and within your community! 

  • Your community businesses and events organizations will LOVE this program. 

  • This program also helps local community organizations, our requests for our gift bags are OVERWHELMING!

Distributor Benefits

  • You can put your business information in all the bags you distribute for FREE.

  • You can put your business information in bags in Swag Crazy’s NationwideArea for FREE.
     Those locations include all sister Distributors States & More.

  • Our brand NEW program earns you 50% commission on all packages 

  • Daily Sales is easily achievable through this program.

  • Your current business link will be listed on a full page directory listing just for you on our shopping center website.

  • If you're joining as a Business Member only all the perks are included except that you will not get your own spot on our listing to distribute and earn commissions but you can join in at any time!!  You just may love it once you see how it all works and goes hand in hand with any business!

Join as a Business Member Only:  

If you're joining as a Business Member only all the perks above are included except that you will not get your own spot/page on our listing to distribute or earn commissions but you can join in at any time!!  You just may love it once you see how it all works and goes hand in hand with any business!

Join as a Customer Only:

Join as a customer by going to our DISTRIBUTORS PAGE Choose which City & State you want your business exposure in.    You can choose to join in once or choose one of our package programs with lots of perks.    Our prices and information is here.

More Information

  • If you join as an Active Distributor:  Daily Sales is easily achievable through this program.

  • This is a mentor affiliate program.  I am helping the distributor one on one building the program in their areas. Not only will you be bringing in clients to the bags, I will be sending you clients to put in the bags as well as helping you with contact leads for events.

  • You will be responsible for receiving items to put into the bags from businesses & Reps. They will be direct shipped from Clients to your address. You will then pack the bags for distribution.

  • You will also be sent customers from the Swag Program to your area. You will also receive contact leads from the Swag Program for Events in your area.

  • You will be responsible to distribute these bags to Events, at parties. You do not have to purchase a table at the events or be required to stay at the event. You may drop and go. However, staying at the event and talking with business’s and Consultants and introducing your businesses to them will result in more customers and more contacts. Just a few minutes of your time meeting the other vendors can make a difference. You may also drop bags at random drop in’s anywhere. Doing so will only get you more business leads and customers.

  • All packages purchased for distribution must go through the Swag Program. I will be creating links for your own page to direct clients to your area.

  • The connections you make through the program are priceless.
    Joining in the Swag Distributor Program or as a Business Member will bring great rewards to your business. Not only will you make extra money through the Swag Program; you will bring more customers and business contacts to your current business. Getting your business information in all the bags that you distribute: Doubles your income potential from both your DS business and the Swag Business. As your business contacts list grows, you will find that businesses will be contacting you to join in the Swag Program too. You will also make income from leads directed to your area from the Swag Program. You will also have businesses that want to join the yearly plans as well as events that pay to have the bags supplied to their events from out of State.   

Training & Coaching

All training and information will be done through our FB group page with a link to our training website. 

What are you getting when you join the Swag Crazy Business Builders Program?




Customer Support

Distributor Support

No Monthly Fees

No Quotas

New Connections

Less competition in your area


Business Builder for your current business

A listing will be  built on our website for your area on our shopping center directory with a link to your current business website-No fees

Income:  Our generous commission pay scale is 50% commission. You will get clients from all over the world who want to be in the program in your area. Even when Swag Crazy brings a client to you, you still earn your full commission. 

No Quota or Monthly Fees EVER:   No extras required to purchase, no quotas, no monthly website fees.


Customer & Distributor Support:  Our staff handles all customer & distributor support.  Our office sends out all confirmation letters, thank you letters, package notifications, builds your State tab with your current business advertisements, and helps our distributors personally with clients, events, coordinators, contracts and closing calls. 


Training:  You will have full support on collaboration, promotion ideas, marketing materials, videos, and so much more. We also give you tips, ideas and coverage on Direct Sales training as well.    We want your business united with Swag Crazy to be a huge success.


Advertising:  Built in FREE advertising!  What more could you ask for!  You will be able to advertise your current business in all our sister States for FREE forever, as well as in all the bags that go out in your local area.  Your current business is also added to your State tab in our directory listing on our community shopping center website , for even more exposure seen by our daily visitors from all over the US & Canada.  We also advertise our distributors in newsletters, emails, and on social media. 


New Connections & Business Builder:  The connections you make through the program are endless and priceless.  Your community small businesses will love the new program as well as clients across the nation.  Building business relationships and community connections through promoting will not only grow your Swag Crazy business, but your current business as well. 


Less Competition:  We strive to keep our Distributors reserved to certain coverage areas.  We focus on working together within your communities to build your success.


Relationships:    At Swag Crazy we work together, build relationships, make connections, promote and have fun sharing the love of small businesses.   

Be a part of something exciting and fun. Join as an Active Distributor OR Business Member! Something that EVERYONE needs and will use.  Every business needs to advertise.  Every business needs exposure.  Marketing is not something that is just a fad or trend.  This program is unique, personalized, fun, AFFORDABLE and brings you more connections to your current business as well as to the program.  It is the perfect addition to your current business.  Your community will LOVE this program!

The gift of giving is a rewarding experience.  Through this program there are no quotas, no monthly fees, no stress, no time limit.  Nothing but endless opportunities that will expand and grow.  You may even be the first in your area to be there as it is happening.  Share your current business in our Sharing Program NATIONWIDE with any of Distributors for FREE!

If you have more than one business you can include them ALL!

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