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Have you ever tried to capture the true spirit of your loving and loyal family member?

Pets can be one of the most challenging of your family members to photograph. I’ll except that challenge for you. I’ve been photographing pets for years in studio and outdoors. I actually started with specializing in pets in my first photography studio years ago. I have worked in the veterinary technician field, worked with a team of Siberian huskies, dog training, dabbled in showing, agility and more. True, they are the most challenging to photograph and that’s why many photographers may not be willing to photograph pets in sessions. I absolutely love animals and feel they too should have a place on our walls in our homes among our treasured family photos. After all they are our family too.

I love creating a beautiful portrait of a loved pet for families, it just makes my heart smile. Once upon a time I photographed a German Shepard, 3 cats and a bird in one family’s photograph. Talk about challenging, yet so rewarding to give that client a precious keepsake. She wrote to me years later, thanking me and saying how special that precious memory was to her, as her bird had passed. With todays technology everyone seems to have photos on their computers or devices but not on their walls in their homes or offices. Those photos on your phone or computer can be lost forever. Moments today are treasured memories tomorrow. Make sure you print those memories to last a lifetime and pass down to your family, they will truly treasure it.


Where are the photos taken?

When you book a photo session we will discuss what type of photograph you are looking for. Are you looking for in studio or on location outdoors? We will also discuss what type of photograph you are looking towards. It’s all about you and your family, what’s comfortable, what fits your lifestyle and what type of beautiful portrait you are looking for. Are you looking for fun and whimsical or something more natural in a nature setting or even in your own home.

Afraid your pet won’t sit still?

No worries, you are not alone. I can pretty much guarantee your pet wont be sitting still and if they do, it isn’t for long. Don’t be’s their nature and can be expected. Yet, don’t let this detour you from bringing your furry loved one along. That is what I’m here for. These sessions are not rushed, they will have time to get comfortable and it is the most fun to get that amazing portrait of them being their silly selves and showing their true spirits. So don’t worry if they don’t sit still...I have lots of patience.

What do you bring to the photo shoot?

You can bring anything you want. If there is a pet costume or outfit you want to use that is welcome too. We also suggest you bring along their favorite treat, toy, blanket or prop. I use several different treats and toys to catch their attention, but their favorites may work even better. If you are looking for some type of themed photograph that can be discussed as well. If your pet is having a birthday and you want a birthday session those can be arranged as well.

How do you prepare your pet for the photo shoot?

If your dog gets regular grooming appointments you should coordinate it so they have their grooming done a day or so before their session. You should make sure they are not too full when they arrive as this will entice them more when using a few treats. Make sure to walk them prior, right before the shoot. However, no worries...accidents happen and I am prepared for that too. If they need a break during the session it’s no big deal. This is their day to be treated like a price or princess for their fun photo session.

Can I have my cat photographed?

Absolutely!! I’ve done many of those precious fur babies too!

Any type of pet is welcome. We can discuss all the same information about the type of pet/pets or type of photo session your requesting before the date is set.

Can I schedule a Family Portrait with my Pet/Pets Included?

YES!! Absolutely!

Viewing your photos

Once the photo session is completed I will schedule a time and place for you to view your proofs to make your selections.


These photo sessions are set up a bit differently. We may be hosting a special event or fundraising pet portrait event on location. With these events there will be a set background or area outdoors that we are using for these sessions. Session fees may or may not be waived depending on the type of event or fundraiser happening.

Most fundraising events I waive the normal session fees. Once the photos are taken, the client can then decide on the photo selection they wish and purchase the items they want those shots to be printed on.

At normal vendor events set up at a festival, event, or other store location there will be a small session fee and then prints or digitals will be available to purchase on our website once you view your online gallery. Some events I may have capability to allow immediate viewing or scheduled viewing of prints. Every event is different so you will have to inquire about a specific event your attending for all the details.

*All events are set up differently pending the events rules and regulations.

*Most events will be subject to one or two background choices or outdoor areas

*Session fees may or may not be set pending the type of event or fundraiser.

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